Sunday, January 23, 2005

Thinking of January 17th

It has been ten years since then. We never forget this day. The great Hanshin Earthquake of January 17th 1995. I was awake in bed at that time. I never forget the instant the house swang very slowly from side to side. I jumped out of bed because I felt it dangerous and ran to my children's beds. My daughter was already running towards me with her pajamas on. This was in Nagoya but a short tremor was big enough to surprised us that day very early in the morning.
As far as we are on this jolting archipelago, we have to face with earthquake. We are just helpless against the power of the nature. We may lose our properties but then at least we have to protect our lives from the disaster. We should survive so that we won't be apart from our loved ones or won't throw them into a big despair and sorrow of lost. Let us pray for those who lost their lives that day and for those who were secluded from their families all of a sudden.
The same prayer goes to people who lost their lives and those who got big scars in their minds in Niigata Earthquake and in the South-east Asia earthquake and tsunami.

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