Friday, January 07, 2005

What a relief !

A good news ! They gave me a new coffee maker. How exciting ! Well, as I wrote about a coffee maker which got out of order all of a sudden at the end of the last month. Since the shop clerk told me it won't come back till the beginning of the new year, I thought it was ridiculous and finally I called up the customer service center at the coffee maker company. I explained the situation that it was not the first time that the coffee maker went dead in a year and the man over the phone was simply told me that it was their fault and that they could send out a new one right away. That 's the way ! The new one arrived just after Christmas. Thanks to our new coffee maker, I am free from staring coffee dripping through a paper filter each time. Now I know we can't really do without it. ( I should have written about it much sooner, but it seems that I've missed it.)

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Mrs. W said...

If this one breaks.... IT'S YOUR FAULT!!! :-)

Just kidding... :-)