Friday, December 03, 2004

On the train

It has been cloudy all day and the temperature never goes up higher than 16C. The air is cold and it is chilly outside. This morning, I had to go downtown to the main bank office to deal with our family bank account. Well, I drove to the car dealer first and left my car there for its safety check-up. Then I walked to the nearest station and get on the train to go downtown. It's so fun to watch many kinds of notice or commercial advertisements on the walls or some hanging from the ceiling on a train. I'm especially enjoying watching the advertisements of the weekly magazines. Some are very social and political and some are full of gossips headlines of popular TV and movie well-known faces. Well, this is one of ways to kill time until a train gets to my destination.
Nowadays, people with commonsense refrain from talking with their cell phones on trains and in hospitals. However, look at some people there on a train I took this morning. No, they are not talking to a cell phone but, they are busy inputting mails to send out or busy net surfing some their favorite sites. I am always skeptical whether this is ok for those that have pace makers embedded in their hearts.
"Excuse me. You better not use your cell phone on a train. Some radio waves might cause a problem on some people." I spoke to myself. No one could ever hear it. Otherwise, some one might come to me and speak ill of me, or in the worst case,might flap me in my face shouting "It's none of your business."
Well, with a sigh, I just hopelessly look up those magagines advertisements flapping in the air . "Shut down your cell phone while you are here!" I wish there were those warnings with large letters in stead of gossips headlines.

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Mrs. W said...

It would be nice there were "quiet" trains. It is unbelieveable how much personal information people divulge while talking loudly on their cell phones.

New Jersey just passed a law prohibiting the use of cell phones in cars (you have to have a hands free set). Gas stations warn people not to use their cell phones while pumping gas- in fear that the currents could cause the pumps to explode!!!