Sunday, December 19, 2004

His absence

I got up 5:30, still dark outside. I woke my husband up to send him out for his golfing with his colleagues. How happy they are! They are enjoying golfing away from the daily trifling matters while their wives must have been busy vacuuming the rooms, doing the laundries, or washing the dishes at this time of the day with other busy schedule to get prepared for lunch for the rest of the family and to go out for shopping for Christmas and New Year by the time their husbands get home.
Fair or unfair? There are various ways of analyzing it. Many wives, of course, are simply miss their husbands hoping to spend time together with them. However, husbands should know that many wives might have a subconscious desire to enjoy their own life after ten or twenty years of marriage life. There once was a popular, funny but cynical TV commercial copy for mothballs. A middle aged, overweight, full-time housewife is skipping along the street chanting "It's so nice as far as my old man is healthy and won't be home till late."
That connotes that a husband's absence from home makes a wife's life easier as far as he is healthy and works hard for his family. Well what do you think?

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