Monday, December 20, 2004

Out of order

It's been less than one year since we got this coffee maker. It is out of order again! Again means this is not the first time. It has gotten useless twice in a year. I didn't handle it in a wrong way nor didn't drop it, but all of a sudden the switch went dead. Why? Again? No kidding! Last time they said they'd changed a fuse. Is it this fuse again? Then why? Is there any other cause that the fuse has blown again? I brought a coffee maker today to the shop I bought it from and ask these questions to a salesclerk. He couldn't make me understand to any of these questions. All he could do for me was just to fill out a repair form and check the date on his watch and tell me "it won't be back before New Year." Gosh! It isn't my responsibility, rather it's their responsibility to sell such a poor coffee maker which get useless in a short period of time. They should be kind enough to give me a new one. I was disappointed with their attitude towards their business. I should have called up the customer service center at the coffee maker company at first hand. Without a coffee maker, how can we go through Christmas and New Year ? We can't enjoy espresso. That's really disappointing.

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J K said...

Don't they realize how much we need our coffee?!