Monday, December 27, 2004

Now it's the coming of the New Year

Now the Christmas of 2004 is over. I went to the office today, even though it was Sunday, to get together with my colleagues. For one thing it was for having lunch all together at a Japanese restaurant. We have 10 staffs including the boss. Usually we won't see all of them through a week. So it was really nice to meet one another at the same time and have luch together. We looked back over this past year and laughed a lot about who did this and that and all sorts of pleasant topics. And after enjoying the meal, there we had another enjoyment. Cleaning up our office ! That was today's main event! Gee, it was really a good exercise after a big lunch. Haveing a lunch before cleaning up was a perfect decision.
Now from tommorow being away from my job, I'll be playing a role of a very busy housewife preparing for the New Year's Eve and the very first day of 2005. Oh boy, that makes me feel dizzy.
(I changed the style sheet of my blog in case I won't have enough time to sit at the computer before the coming of the new year.)

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