Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hectic time of the season

Now it is December. I went to Takashimaya department stores to send out some "Oseibo"(a year-end gift) to our family acquaintances.
See, there are lots of people here and there, everywhere.
This last month of the year is quite busy for everyone, especially for every housewife. New Year is right on the way so December is the time to get everything ready and set for the coming year, such as cleaning up the house, sending out the New Year cards, and cooking the special New Year dishes right on time for the first morning of the New Year. Oh, but, here is one more important event for us. -----Christmas! Though most of the Japanese are not Christians, Christmas is such an important event for every families and friends and lovers in Japan. I have to get the presents for the family, make Christmas dishes. And on the next day right after Christmas, you put every Christmas decorations away into boxes and we all set ready for the New Year. Whew, just this simple imagination makes me feel dizzy. So those last five days before the New Year is by all means, very very hectic time of all the year round.

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