Sunday, November 07, 2004

Making it new for the New Year

Today on such a beautiful and gorgeous autumn day, guess what I did ? Well, I worked on the sliding paper door (Shouji). That is I tore off old and discolored yellowish papers especially made for Japanese sliding doors and cleaned the doors which consist of many frames. After I cleaned them with water, here comes the very important process of the whole work. You've got to cover the door consisted of many small frames with new sheet of papers which is as white as snow. It's something similar to working on a wall paper. You should put glue on frames with a brush. Then, before glue gets dry , very carefully you cover a door with a brand new white sheet of paper. Just after you finish the job, you are very surprised to know how bright the whole room can be. This way, we can all celebrate the New Year in a very refined atmosphere. Thing is, however, I feel just exhausted after bending down for hours to glue many door frames. Brightness requires quite a hardworking.

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