Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cute Visitor

Once in a while, we have some visitors at our house garden. They are cats. Some of them are stray cats and others are pet cats.As I make it a rule that we never feed them nor tame them, we just leave them as they like. As we are all different in characteristics, so are these cats. It's fun to watch them playing. Just a few days ago, since I wanted to make a shot of flowers in a vase in the daylights, I put it on the grass in the garden and was about to take a picutre of it. Then I saw one kitty was approaching to the flowers very carefully and slowly and studied them. It is often pointed out that cats shows curiousity to anything. This is it! So here is a series of pictures I took. Just click here to see the 6 pieces of slides show.Click an arrow to turn to next.

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