Sunday, November 14, 2004

Getting ready for Monday

Every Friday through Sunday I'm off from work. I can't wait for Thursday coming. Free from house jobs such as fixing and finishing dinner and some more chores late in the evening, I am finally sitting at the computer and spend time without worring about what time I should go to bed or picturing images what to do the first thing in the morning.
And as things go, now it's Sunday evening. I've got to get prepared for tomorrow. Is there any thing left that I haven't done yet? I'm looking aroud the room and staring up in the air....and Yes, there's one I haven't done yet. That is ironing the shirts mostly my husband's. I've kept too many shirts for the weekends. Ironing the clothes. It's beyond my ability. It requires me lots of time and patience. Since there is no one else at home that is in charge of ironing, I've been honored to be responsible for this job for twenty years. What a privilege! Thanks for this, you can count on me for a clean and pressed shirt. Absolutely!

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