Friday, November 26, 2004

Everybody owns cell phones

Late in the afternoon, as I often do, I went out for shopping to the department stores at Nagoya station by bicycle. Since there are heavy traffic around the station on weekends and special holidays, you can hardly find a parking area unless you stay on a long line of cars to get into a parking pool. It's not a good idea to drive there on weekends. So I chose a 15-minutes ride on bicycle and stopped it near the station buildings and headed for the department stores to pick up some fresh meat and fish and some other goodies.
There are full of
Christmas decorations here and there and everywhere. One of the huge decorations that we are looking forward to look at every year are set up on wide wall of the station buildings. We had crowds of people taking a look at it, or taking pictures of the Christmas light up decorations. One of the amazing and funny sight I had seen in the crowds, was the same standing pause of people with their arms raised high up above their head trying to get a nice shot of Christmas light up decorations with their cell phones. Of course, I was the one of them. You would be surprised to see so many people from young to old have their own cell phones with built-in cameras.
For Japanese, cell phones are definitly one of their "essential item" in their bags and briefcases.

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Mrs. W said...

It's Jen again (Mrs. W)... Your phone takes great pictures... the cell phones in the US are a little behind. My cell phone contract allows me to get a new phone this February- hopefully I'll get a cell phone with a camera!!!