Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Painting is fun

It's been long since I got this new painting and drawing soft. When was it that I got this? If I remember correctly it was way back in the winter of 2003. Then I just didn't have enough time to study paintings and almost forget about it. Then, all of a sudden, did you ever run into a situation that you can't resist trying it out. That exactly happened to me a few days ago. I just got in a mood to paint so I took out the tablet and started drawing with the pen-shaped mouse.
Once I start painting, my clock will stop ticking. I really enjoy drawing on the tablet and enjoy watching it on the desktop. There I don't have to make a mess all over with watercolors on the desk. All the works are to be handled on the computer desk top. I can mix the colors with some water on the computer palete and "click" on my favorite tool out of painting brushes from small to large, pencils, pens, sprays, chalks, charcoals, crayons whatever. Everything is installed in the computer. Well, I'm not a gogod painter but thanks to this drawing soft, I enjoy the world of painters.
Oh, there is one remarkable difference from the acutual paintings. That is, the computer painting provides us with the functions of "layers". One picture consists of many layers so that you really don't get into trouble when you want to erase a part you don't like anymore. All I have to do is just "delete" the layer I don't like and re-paint. That's really something!


J K said...

Have you found your passord?

Mrs. W said...

It seems like my whole family can paint- except for me. I can draw a stick figure.... that's it. And it's not even good. ;-)

That's cool that you have a tablet to paint on...

You'll have to paint in the spring when everything starts to bloom!!