Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Enjoy yourself

Oh, I love this calendar so much. I've found it at a sort of very private spot at computer school I go to. I love to take a look at this every time I visit this spot.
Speaking of a book of a one day calendar, it must be thrilling to tare it off every day when the date is turned to the next. There on a calendar you will see some other interesting information besides the date, such as famous proverbs, the birthday of the well-known people, historical incidents of the day, the date by the lunatic calendar and the like.
As for the one here at this school, every page has a quiz of an English expressions from Japanese sentences on each day at the bottom. You won't know the right answer until you see it on the following page next day. Well, actually there will no one I suppose to wait until tomorrow to get a right answer. You will surely have a quick glance at the answer by lifting up the edge of the page halfway. To tell you the truth, this is so tempting that I find myself just keep on going and going to the next pages to get Q&A until I know it's time to go.
This spot I've been talking about is -----guess where?
The answer is "a bathroom" where you are never bothered by others.
Some people especially those who are not Japanese may think this is something beyond their imagination. Why the calendar in the bathroom? Simply because we like to spend the moment of being in there besides the primary reason. Well a calendar is general but it doesn"t have to be a calendar. If you happen to visit a friend of yours at home whose son or daughter is studying for the entrance exams of universities, this might be a chart of world history or chemical signs or a list of difficult Kanji(Chinese characters), whatever so. You will never fail to take a look at these words and letters every time you get in the bathroom. That way you will learn them by heart. Good idea! Huh?

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