Friday, March 04, 2005

Chubu Centrair International Airport

People in the Chubu area are so much excited about the third largest and first 24-hour international airport led by the private company. The airport opened just yesterday. This new airport has some unique points.
It is unique in a way that it has varieties of commercial facilities such as its own amusement park, two hotels and around 100 restaurants, with a terrace providing a wide view of the sea plus a public bath with a panoramic view of the airport. What an exciting place just for a visit on weeekends.
If I had no job and had time to spare, I should have been one of 100,000 crowds of people including passengers and onlookers on the first day. 100,000 crowds of people! Amazing! Half of them were just curious onlookers. The TV news said that every train to the airport was packed with passengers as twice as much and there were long lines of people at every restaurant and a panorama public bath.
I guess there are two types of human behavior patterns when they face with a new encounter like the opening of the Chubu Centrair Internaional Airport. One type is that they are so curios that they can't wait. The first the best. On the other hand, the other type is that they are curious but also too demanding to jump into something new. I'm the latter one. I don't like a crowded train, crowded restaurant to wait for hours to be fed. I'll be tired of congestion. I'd rather fly overseas than stay in the airport!

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Crest said...

Wow that sounds like a pretty neat airport though I could do with-out all the people, dont like really really crowded places.

The idea of being able to go to an amusement park inside an airport is pretty neat though.

Like your blog by the way!