Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I woke up and sensed that the air was chilly and dead silent. I walked to the windows and open the curtain. Wow, it's snow all over! The sasanqua flowers in the garden looked so beautiful against white snow. Such my excitement has been disturbed on the spot.
Ah, today is the day my daughter takes an entrance exam for the university. Ah, my husband takes a train early in the morning on business. Oh dear, I can't use my car for work on such a snowy day.
So we had a hectic morning to begin our days.
Her exam was pushed back on the timetable and my husband had to walk to the nearest station with his luggage. As for me, I gave up driving and got to the station only to wait long with patience till a train finally pulled in to the platform.
Oh, that's enough. But the weather forcast warns us we will have this turmoil tommorow morning as well.
Oh what a beginning of the spring.
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