Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Funny face

Is this a new character model or a toy robot? No, it's my new iron! Well, I was quite surprised to see the varieties of irons from side to side sitting on the shelves at the shop. Too many! How come do we need so many kinds of irons. And how am I supposed to pick up one from them. They are small, large, stylish, colorful, corded, cordless, steam, extra-shot steam, vertical steam, mist spray and more---more than I can tell you at heart.
After examining and checking irons one after another walking along the aisles in between the shelves, I made up my mind to pick up this one as shown in the pictures. It's a large sized iron corded only but with 17 steam holes on the soleplate, which I believe it must bring out good results of ironing. I am quite happy about my decision and really enjoying ironing now. There is one thing I didn't check, though. It's an image especially an image from the top view. Wow, it has a funny face but cute. Who should ever complain about it? I don't care about whether or not it has a good looking face.
Necessity comes first.

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