Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lovely needle felting

These are the felt broaches my daughter brought home from Talin, Estonia. The deep green one is for her grandmother, the blue/pink one for her mother and the white/orange one is for herself. A center metal makes a good accent on a fabric.

When I was small, I loved to see my mother make some cute little felt fabric items such as pin cushions, purses, dolls and bags as the Christmas bazaar got closer. I remember how I was so thrilled when she'd finally finished all of them. I knew it was my turn that she would take my hands and make some simple one together.

And here is another lady whose website is full of her handcraft. My blog friend in Germany, Jeany is a very talented handcraft loving woman and I should say she is very very creative. When I first encountered her blog, I was so impressed with her beautiful boxes made of her well-selected materials. She is an artist in many ways. Now she is so absorbed in felting and she really enjoys making her original felt out of wool as the very first step before she makes her beautiful works.

I always respect people who are skilled in handcrafts. I've been always making an excuse saying "If only I had enough time, I'd like to try-----." Nope, it's not true. I don't have enough patience to take all the steps one by one until I accomplish my goal for myself.  Any advice for this clumsy novice to turn to be a happy beginner of handcraft?


Janine said...

Hi Mekkan, wauw, what a kind and nice words you write here, I didn't know what I saw, my cheeks are red, hahahaa. Thank you again. My advice to you ;)) just do what you like that counts, noting else. :))

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

They are beautiful, perfect for the Fall & winter season indeed...
Sorry for being 'missing' from your lovely blog lately.

warmest regards from where I am to you & family in Japan my dear!