Sunday, October 24, 2010

The way we celebrate

Today it was my husband's birthday. We've been celebrating birthdays for 27 years together.
I didn't get any birthday present for him this year because we'd been exchanging many presents besides on birthdays such as on anniversaries and many other celebrations.
I'd rather enjoy cooking something special what he likes such as Chinese, Indians and Japanese on his birthday. While I am busy cooking, he enjoys picking up a bottle of wine out of our collections, which goes well with dish for the day.
But today he suggested that we should try the Chinese restaurant in Marriott Hotel. Oh what a surprise. I wonder who is going to celebrate whose birthday! Whatever it is, that's how we went out. I should have brought a camera with me. Every dish was just beautiful and delicious. Since he basically doesn't have a sweet tooth, we skipped the desserts. Instead, after we came home, I opened a new tin of blended tea named "Happy Birthday" for him and served it along with some chocolate which our daughter brought back home from Finland for us. The "Happy Birthday" tea from TWG of Singapore is just perfect to celebrate his birthday. It has a good flavor of sweet red berries and vanilla blended with mild black tea. Happy Birthday, darling. We had a good time.


Janine said...

dear Mekan, this story is lovely, my husband had also this month his birtday, But you know what happend with anya, so we didn't celebrate year. But happy birtday with your husband and I love tea so much, I would like to drink a cup off tea too :)) big hug from Janine

Au and Target said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! That dinner sounds yummy as well as a feast for the eyes.

Little Miss Tiara said...

i gotta say that tea looks really yum... seriously, red berry, vanilla and black tea? *drools*

ahhh... and happy birthday to your hubby! :D

Dionne said...

That sounds like such a perfect way to spend the birthday of the man you love. Together and eating his favorites in a great restaurant, and ending it with some Happy BIrthday tea. Lovely.