Saturday, September 05, 2009

By the way

I feel quite hungry now. I'd better go to bed otherwise I might eventually pick up some thing to eat and ruin the check-up tomorrow because I am not supposed to eat or drink till I finish it tomorrow.
Well, once a year my husband and I make it a rule to have our medical check-up. To tell you the truth I don't like it especially I hate swallowing barium in a stomach examinations, screening by mammography and a pap test. People of our age starts medical problems whatever minor or major.
People talk about their own health concerns more frankly and I think I should have a medial check-up not only for myself but for my family. When we are spending every day life in a good shape, we don't realize how precious it is to be healthy. Thanks to mass media, the catchphrase "Early detection, rapid cure" are well known to those of our age.
According to the 2009 “World Health Statistics,“ published by WHO, the life expectancy of Japanese as of 2007 was 83 years and surprisingly by gender, Japanese women have ranked top of the life expectancy table for 23 consecutive years with a life expectancy of 86 years, while Japanese men were in third place with 79 years.
Generally speaking most Japanese can have a medical check up in accordance with the National medical insurance system though there are many different conditions depending on your position as an employer, an employee, a non-worker, a dependent etc.
I don't know whether I will be lucky enough to live up to 83 years. If I don't get any serious diseases, I may have the possibility but who knows. The thing is why not be more careful about my health and enjoy the rest of my life.
Let have my fingers crossed for tomorrow's check-up. Good-night!


Dionne said...

I am sure that the checkup will go just fine. You are such a vibrant and active women, and the Japanese diet is so healthy - no wonder their life expectancy is so high!

Medical checkups make me uncomfortable too. I don't like being prodded and poked and looked at, it gives me the creeps!

Anya said...

I wish it was im my country a medical check-up !!!
It sounds also a little scary when they find something :(
I wish you good luck tomorrow ....
Take care we think on you ;)

Little Miss Tiara said...

Good luck on the medical check up! I hope everything's alright ;)

I've never done medical check ups before, but imagining about it makes me scared, I mean... a day with the doctors? That doesn't sound good.

But that's kind of important anyway... so good luck! :D


It so great that you have this done yearly... health is so important! my sister who is still very young is a breast cancer survivor...glad to say that she is well now! Prevention is better than cure they say... Hope everything will be fine with you dear! Cheers to good health!!