Sunday, September 06, 2009

After the check up

Thank you for sharing my apprehension for a medical checkup. It took three hours to complete and oh, I was just so starving when I got free. I already knew from my previous check up that they give me a light meal ticket so I couldn't wait for this lunch time. It was good anyway that I put "real" food besides barium in my stomach.
The doctors were ready to have an individual meet-up just for a brief explanation on what they see from the data they got for the present. I felt just easy to know the data showed no problem as far as they saw for that moment. The complete date was not really ready for one day. And within two weeks, they will send me a file to show every data in detail with explanations and also some advice if necessary. In fact, they keep all the data starting from my first check up. The title of the file says "The History of my Health"! What a big title! Is this a correct English, I wonder. Sometimes we just make up so to speak, "Japanese English" which makes native speakers in English get any idea or burst into laughter.

(a file in a picture is the one from the previous check-up)


Anya said...

I think the tittle is correct,
but I am a dutch men ..... LOL
I hope all is okay with you :)
Have a nice sunday...

Little Miss Tiara said...

that does sound weird although I don't know what is wrong, hehe... but it's cute =d

I had a little medical check up few days ago, the doctor was quite... cute, haha

Dionne said...

I am glad that your check-up went smoothly, and that you have a clean bill of health. And I love that file name!

katztales said...

It's a fun file name, very impressive. Hope you are 100% and live to 83 as one of those feisty old ladies who goes out and about everywhere.


So happy that everything went well...2 weeks is quite a long wait, but it should be a complete result I'm sure! Love all the charms when I read English in Japan... Lovely week my dear! xo*