Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Something beyond medical examination?

I was a kind of unabashedly ambitious about what I was going to do while my husband was away for about three weeks. He is now on the way home from Chennai, India and will be land home tomorrow evening.
And what have I achieved then? Well, I wasted almost 10 days in bed.
What had happened to me was that I got the hives all over-----from top to toe on the following day he left! What do you say about this! I had no idea what had brought me the hives. I am not allergic to anything. The doctor gave me the medicine after all but this made me feel worse and caused a bad headache and finally I had to throw up more than once. The doctor ran a blood test and a urine test but there was no negative result. I felt hopeless while I was in bed without getting any sleep. Then it was so nice that some of my friends sent me e-mails from their cell phones to mine. Their messages were encouraging in general but partly filled with funny and innocent jokes to make me smile. They examined me as follows. According to them, subconsciously I was not able to accept my husband being away for such a long time and the mental stress caused the hives! Hmm, interesting! Their explanation sounded much reasonable than the doctor's as far as I feel great now just in time for my husband's coming home.
And also I feel just grateful that my blog friends, without knowing anything about this, left me kind and sweet words for my not having updated my blog for these days.

Happiness is having friends, indeed.


Anya said...

Thats the reason we are friends !!
We are always listening to each other :)
Happy blogging ;)

I am happy that you are feeling better now,
and I am SO HAPPY that your husband comes home ......

Dionne said...

Oh no! Hives! That's terrible! But I totally understand that you miss your darling husband. You poor thing!


The good news is your husband is coming back & hopefully no more terrible hives! You must really love each sweet!!!

Pamela said...

You poor thing!! Hives are no fun at all!!