Thursday, August 06, 2009

News over the last few days

The city of Hiroshima commemorated the 64th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on the city on Thursday.
More than 50-thousand people from officials to common people gathered today to remember the world-changing event. Though I belong to the generations after the war, I've been reading many books, heard many sad stories and watching TV programs since a childhood about this tragedy. I visited the memorial museum like many other people pay a visit to this city at least once in their life like schools throughout our country chose Hiroshima as the school trip destination or just like a family trip choice. TV program broadcasted the ceremony on live and at exactly the same time that the bomb was dropped 64years ago, many of us over the country stopped for the moment and prayed for the victims and for the world peace.
And here is the happy family-reunions by two journalists who had been finally released from the detention in North Korea after 140 days. No matter what was there behind this detention and release, I'm just pleased that they finally came back to where they belong to------their precious families.(three pictures are from Mainichi Daily News)
And here is another coming home. My husband is back from Johannesburg, South Africa. It was sooo good to find him coming out from the gate and looking for me in the crowds as well. We talked a lot while we drove back to our house about his trip, his job, the cities he visited, his long-time friend as well as business partner. I feel proud of him working so close with people over there more than 15 years. I love to hear lots about this country and I mostly enjoy their highly qualified wine from Cape Town he brings home with him.
These are some news which have impressed me most over the last few days.
May peace be on earth and on every people and family.


Dionne said...

What happened at Hiroshima was such a tragedy, I am glad that you take the time to commemorate all those who were lost.

I was so happy to hear about the two journalists being pardoned! What a relief for their families! God really saved them!

And I glad to hear that your husband is home safe and that he had great stories to tell you.

Little Miss Tiara said...

Ahh... Hiroshima, of course I learned about it in the history class but never really hear about it from Japanese before (now I do! :D) that's terrible and scary.

Yay! Hubby is home now :D romance time! :d

Anya said...

We will all NEVER forget Hiroshima
GREAT post !!!

(Enjoy your time with your Hubby;)


Must always remember that war is so ugly & evil...May we seek PEACE always! Great weekend dear, glad your hubby is back...enjoy!

katztales said...

With you on the SA wine. It's lovely stuff. I prefer Spanish wines out of sheer chauvinism (my mum lives there) and I also love wine from Chile and Australia. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are my fave.

Always interesting to hear from people in Japan about WWII. My older family were in that war (on the Allied side) in the UK and Netherlands. My Dutch grandmother still refuses to speak to German people (they were quartered in her home during the war) and my older relatives on the UK side still have trouble with your people as they remember their friends and relatives being killed in Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

I tell neither side that I speak German (at a basic level) and have made some great Japanese friends. Older folks find it hard to let go and I can understand that. But I'm all for a brighter future. Could you blog a bit about your views of the controversy over Japanese history books regarding WWII activities in China, Korea etc?

Dionne said...

I noticed you haven't blogged in a few days, so I just wanted to check in and make sure everything was ok.

Miss you!

Geotacs said...

it's always great to have family around...

may there never be another atomic/nuclear bomb dropped so that families can always have peace together...


Hi dear,
Heard the news about the earthquake that hit Japan...hope everything is alright with you & family!
take care~

photojoy said...

Thank you every one for your kind words and comments and especially I feel grateful for your concerns about recent natural disasters on our land. The city I live jelted early in the morning since the epidemic center was the prefecture next to ours. Anyway nothing serious. No more earthquake, heavy rain! Hopefully! I'm going to blog pretty soon.