Friday, August 21, 2009

My father's new digital toy!

Well, it's not really a toy. It's an new electronic dictionary that my father has bought recently. When I visited my parents' house the other day, my 88-year-old father proudly took out this lovely red colour dictionary. "Here it is. Have a look." Wow, he loves electoric devices. As a matter of fact, an electronic dictionary is an essential learning tool for any student and businessman/woman and housewife but is not popular among the aged people. They have many hurdles to clear to make the best use of these types of dictionaries. This may not be true in the case of my father. Actually this is his second model. He enjoys learning how to use it with an instruction book and in the end he knows how to use it much better than I do. This new model carries so many dictionaries and encyclopedias as you see in the picture below.

It has the voice function as well. He doesn't have to be bothered by any heavy dictionary or encyclopedia. Just a handy electronic dictionary gives him a great world of knowledge and information.

If he were ten years younger than his age, I'm pretty sure he must have been so addicted to a PC. Now I'm really thinking of the possibility to connect the digital TV set in their living room to the Internet.


Dionne said...

Hehehehe, how cute! That's great that he loves gadgets and technology. Good for him!

Little Miss Tiara said...

ahahaha... that's great! Even my mom isn't that eager to know techno stuffs, lol :d

and I love the color! Haha that's really cute

Anya said...

So lovely from your father,
he has a young tast :)))))
My father is 83 years,
I will tell him ...... LOL
He is not so modern,
he has no more interest in such a modern things :(

Have a lovely weekend :)

Pamela said...

That is so cute your father is so into technology! Too fun. And what a cool little gadget!

Thank you so much for all your kind words/comments on my are a real gem! :)


I think your father is adorable!
It's so fun to see older generation to have interest in forever changing technology... Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!