Saturday, August 01, 2009


(from South Africa)

To me as well as many other Japanese, a candle is a source of light when the electricity gets down all of a sudden and for most of the Japanese, candles are just the necessary items for some limited occasions like religious rituals and birthday candles. I didn't think of any other occasions besides them.

(from Germany)

I'm wonder how many people here are really enjoying aromatherapy candles. I'm glad that two of my swap friends in the US put each nice candle in their gifts and they surely gave me a chance to try out for lighting a candle as a mean of aromatherapy.
How awesome it is to have aromatherapy candle in my daily life! I use aroma oil to burn in a bottle like a lamp. It's OK. It is really relaxing to inhale clear air.
But one point which I like about a candle better is that I can feel relaxed just by watching its soft lighting. Right now I use an aroma candle with a scent of freesia which Jo sent to me. I put it besides a bath tub every night and the moment of relaxation is so rewarding.

(from Jo in the US)

Please tell me what is your favorite brand of candles and how you use candles in your daily life. I'm very much interested in.



I love my candles...but I prefer the mild scent like lavender or vanilla. Some of the candles tey sell are too overpowering, sometimes too much fragrance is just giving me a headache somehow... When I entertain at home, I have candles on the table, those have no scent at all (unscented)...doesn't compliment the food I serve. Aromathereapy is a huge business! Before the recession I used to spend a lot of dollars on expensive candles like Joe Malone ( a brand from London), now I have stopped & buy just generic-cheap ones... I like the soya based candles now which is quite smokeless.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear!
ps: hope your hubby is missing you too ;)

Anya said...

I have not so many candles :(
I have only smell candles like lavendel, musk etc ...
And when it is christmas then I have more ;
Have a nice sunday ^__^

Dionne said...

I didn't really get into candles until after our wedding. A few people gave me candles for one of my bridal showers, so I have those from that. I am sad to light them though - they are so pretty, I don't want them to melt away....

katztales said...

It's too hot in Malaysia to burn candles all the time so I tend not to except for during power outages. I would like to use scented candles but not in this country: too hot and as everything is open, you can't really get the scent. But when we lived in Europe my fave was vanilla to relax and cinnemon for fun.

photojoy said...

Hi! Thank you for your comments. I'm glad each of you has informed me on this topic. Thank you for sharing the information and your ideas.

Karin said...

We have something else in common!, I LOVE candles, they're so relaxing. To me they're also an invitation to enjoy silence, to be quiet for a moment and simply enjoy the warm light without any thoughts clouding our mind.
I use them when I want to relax, when I read the Tarot cards, when I want to send good energy to someone who needs it, when I'm happy....I use them all the time!.
Have a bright day :o)
x Karin