Sunday, June 21, 2009

Which one would you like to have?

Basically twice a month, I have a get-together with some of my ex colleagues to study computers mainly on handling soft wares.
Here, at my friend's, there are three pieces of different cakes. How lucky I am! It was just one day after my birthday so a friend of mine got some cakes for a coffee break. It was such an exciting moment to decide who was going to take which one. Imagine women in their fifties discussing who was going to have a privilege to pick up the first one out of different three! Funny, funny! Anyway I had that privilege just because of my birthday. Oh what a perfect decision! I had that chocolate one. It came out so good with a coffee.

I remember one day on TV program, foreign residents in Japan from almost every part of the world were interviewed what was cool about Japanese culture. Some of them mostly women pointed out that they can take out any kinds of cakes by pieces in Japan. Then the rest of them agreed. Well, I've never thought of that. So, I'm asking my blog friends here, "Is it true? In your country or town, you take out cakes by a whole, not by pieces?"
In Japan it is common to buy a birthday cake or a Christmas cake in whole but usually for daily use we prefer get different kinds of cakes by pieces. At any confectioneries they put each piece of cakes into a box very carefully using some paper partitions in a box so that each cake won't stick each other. They even put a small bag of dry ice in a box. It is exciting moment to decide and tell a clerk at a shop which one to buy. Oh, sometimes I start telling before I know what to take. Poor clerk!


Anya said...

special that chocolate LOL
I can eat all I m not on a diet :)
Yummie.. post !!
Have a nice weekend :)

Anya :)
Kareltje =^.^=

Little Miss Tiara said...

first, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Wish you all the best! :D

and aren't you too mean to ask us which ONE to choose? I want them all! Yummy! :d haha... but it's the one with strawberry interests me the most, I have this kind of weird obsession over strawberries, or any berries (including blackberry-the sort-of-handphone, lol)


Happy Birtday dearest!!!
I prefer more variety to sample too...deliciousss! Have a perfect weekend!

Dionne said...

It sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate another year of life! Happy Birthday!

I could never just choose one of those cakes - I want them all! Hahahaha.

Jeany said...

hi Mekan, it is to late I know, but still, i hope you had a wonderful birthday. A big hug from me too you. And yes we take whole cake, and eat more than one piece ;))), we bake also our cakes by our selves, and in every town there are much restaurants where you can eat alle kinds off cake and drink tea our coffee. Yammie, in the Netherlands, the area where I come from, we are famous because off our 'vlaai' that is something else as cake, perhaps you can look here, to see I hope it works, best wishes from me to you, Jeany