Friday, June 19, 2009

They are so precious!

These are some of the swap presents Kimberly had kindly sent me across the ocean in the previous swap organized by Dionne.
There were lots lots of goodies in the big box. Some of them I'd shared with my family and eaten them up! Some are in the bookshelf. And here are the things which remind me of Kimberly everytime I see them.
I like seaglasses she found on her beach behind her house.
And look at her beautiful framed art!
I enjoy them every day!


Dionne said...

Oh how lovely. I love the goodies you got. Did you receive your latest swap package yet?

Jeany said...

I can imagen that this is wonderfull gift, always nice to get something from a friend,
ps, I have much to catch up, hahahaha, greetings from me, Jeany