Monday, June 15, 2009

Ready to go!

There is 14 hours time difference between Jo and me.
I am ahead of her by 14hours.
It's about the swap that Dionne arranged for her bloggers.
I'm thankful for her giving me a blogger from abroad, the same chance to take part in her swap and grateful for other participants who accepts us from abroad.
June 15 Monday is the mail due.
It's tomorrow!
Jo, I'm ready!
I'm going to mail it tomorrow.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
It's just a small international goodwill exchange!



goodwill exchange indeed! Curious to find what's in it... Anyway this is such a fabulous idea!

Little Miss Tiara said...

WoW! You've got your package ready! I still have to put them in a box! :D can't wait to see what people are giving and taking :D

I think I still have to wait the longest time :( Indonesian post service is never really the best one :(

Anna Ander said...


My first visit to your blog, which is lovely, by the way. I was part of Dionne's Spring swap and it was great, you seem to be having a similar experience! I had to pass this one up, but hope to be part of the next one. Let us know what you get! (You can find my lovely gifts from Pamela here:

Best wishes from Stockholm, Sweden.

Jeany said...

that looks fun!!! i hope the swapp will bring lots off joy to the both off you. best wishes from Jeany

Anya said...

Its fun on your site, we love it:)
Have a nice evening (@^.^@)

Pamela said...

Fun!! She is a lucky girl to have you as a swap partner! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea and an adorable package!


Labour of Love said...

you are the sweetest + yes, i am one lucky soule!!! i can't wait to receive this very special package from such a giving heart + from such a beautiful country...i will be taking pics of my lil' surprises tomorrow, sending it off to the post office + will post pics soon...looking so forward to receiving this very special care package all the way from your heart...thank you so much, photojoy...for being such a kindred spirit...until then...sweet dreams...xoxo jo;) (ps...thank you so much for being soooo understanding with my're the best!)