Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seeing is Believing!

I was trying to explain every thing I found in Jo's swap package. I tried but out of my poor vocabularies, I gave up. So, everyone, here is all the images of what she had selected for me.

In fact, I wonder how could she kindly take time to get these things prepared for me. First of all, wrapping was sooooo sweet. Every thing is in pink and look at the paper tower she made.

Each present was wrapped very carefully and each one was just so cool. Pink ribbons and white wrappers. They were so cute. Having so many neatly wrapped presents, how can I start opening them. I just enjoyed watching the whole picture of the gifts in pink.
It was like the Christmas morning gathering around the trees with lots of presents waiting for us.

The one that made me so impressed was her scrap booking in which she carefully made each page with lots of surprises. I can take out a card of her own made and I read her messsage on the back of each card. How nice it is to know about her and her family. Thank you so much, Jo, for preparing the goodies so carefully and lovely.
And thank you, Dionne for sponsoring this second swap for us. Without your talent of organizing us, this never happened to me.
Meeting new frieds-----how nice!


Dionne said...

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful collection of gifts. Jo is so talented, so it doesn't surprise me that her package was full of blissfully beautiful things. That Eiffel tower is GORGEOUS! And are those tags I see? They are incredible!

Thanks for participating in the swap again! I love seeing what everyone received!

Pamela said...

What a wonderful gift! So many pretties!!

I hope you are well. :)

Jeany said...

Hi Mekkan, is Jo French? She made you the Eifel tower, from Paris, how nice and creative of her. I can imagine that you are overwhelmed, with all these gift, also so nice because they came off an other country, I wish you lots off joy with your gift, best wishes from Jeany


such loveliness, must be very thrilling when you opened it!

Anya said...

Very creative,
its looks great ........
Have fun today :-)

Labour of Love said...

so happy you loved it all...thanks for posting and taking such beautiful was my pleasure sending sweet treasures your way...i adore Dionne and so happy that we connected through her...i absolutely LOVE everything you sent to me too!!! thank you so very much for also taking the time to find me special treats and making those beautiful origami birds, the exquisite basket, the gorgeous ring, and all the wonderful goodies you sent to me and my family! you truly made our world even more sweeter!!! xoxo jo ;)