Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a magic!

A friend of mine, who visited Cappadocia, Turkey in Dec. gave me a souvenir.
It is an "Instant Fruit drink---Apple Tea".
I didn't forget about it but it was just the matter of timing to open it.
So today I felt like trying this special tea which my friend brought back with her as a souvenir all the way from Turkey to some of her dear friends who are anxious to get something nice from her.
When I opened the bag, I was so much surprised to see all the white powder inside.
How could you dare to call it a "tea"? Is this some kind of a joke?
Being skeptical for what I'm looking at at this site, I just followed the direction putting two spoonful of this apple tea powder in a cup and poured hot water onto it. See what had happened? Two spoonful of this white powder turned to brown---the color of what I understand as "tea" in my life.
How exciting! It surely gives everyone in my family a nice surprise and enjoy it.


Dionne said...

Wow - i never would have imagined that a white powder would turn to that brown color once immersed in water. That's interesting!

Little Miss Tiara said...

haha, that magical apple tea sounds (and seems) like loads of fun! I mean, I love surprises! LOL xD

glad to see you posting again, I miss you already ;D

photojoy said...

Hello,Dionne and LittleMissTiara,
Thank you for leaving a message. It's really exciting to know that I can share the ideas. Let me come to your blogs later.

And to some one who left two comments here:
I'm sorry I think I took a wrong step to publish your comments here.
Don't take it wrong. It's my simple mistake.