Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have some friends who are quite the artiest. One of them paints on the dishes. She paints beautiful flowers. Roses are her favorites. The large plates on the wall and on the cupboard are just gorgeous. Well, owing to her friendship with us, I go visit her with some other friends of hers and learn a bit of porcelain paintings.
It's like painting on papers in one way but is quite different in another. The more you move your brush on the same spot using same color, the more you'll find your brush takes off the color on a plate. No matter how it is, I enjoy this get-together. I enjoy porcelain and to tell the truth I love our "lunch time" and "coffee break" updating our daily-life.


Dionne said...

What intricate little flower designs. These are so lovely. They remind me of English Tea-parties that you see in the movies. Your friend is very talented!

Jeany said...

How beautiful is this done, I admire the artist, so nice. Best wishes from Jeany's Brunnen, also a fifty's women, dutc, but living in Germany