Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happiness is doing something I'd love to

I wish I could draw. I enjoy drawing once in a while, not very often. I enjoy it for my own sake. Since I am not a regular painter, I don't have enough good tools. As a matter of fact, I paint on my lap top computer using a soft for drawing. Changing a mouse to a pencil, it's much easier to draw. Thing is that I don't have enough time to draw. If only I had abandoned all those house chores one day and spent the whole day in anyway I like, it will be such a treat!
Whenever I stroll around the books at the shop, I always stop at the corner of books of drawing. I've found this very cute little text book for illustrating. There are lots of model drawings and with some tips for drawing on every even numbered page, a reader is supposed to draw his/her own on every odd numbered page on the right.Isn't it neat? So I bought it and now in between house chores at the kitchen table I open it and with a pencil in my hand, I enjoy it. Gee,it's really fun and I'm enjoying letting time pass for one of my favorite things.

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Dionne said...

What a cute little book.

Yes, finding time for drawing is quite a luxury. I remember back in college I used to draw portraits, but now I just can't find the time!

Good luck with your drawing endeavors!