Friday, January 30, 2009

Erasable pen

I don't know whether a word "erasable ball-point pen" makes a sense to English-speaking friends. This ball-point pen is very unique in a way that you can erase without ink eradicators or erasers. Ink disappears simply by rubbing, using a hard rubber attached to the other end of a pen. The manufacturer developed this special ink of which color is just rubbed off by way of friction. Isn't it something? Heat does count. This special ink supposedly loses its color over a heat of 60 degree Celsius. Then even a hair dryer can be an instant eraser for this ball-point pen. I use it for my schedule book I carry with me in my bag everyday. It's so useful when my schedule needs to be rewritten then I don't have to make a mess any more in a small space with lot of strike-through.
But there is one thing that you've got to be careful using this pen. Don't use it in writing an address on an envelope or a postcard. An automatic postal code reading machine might erase your friend's address on a post card with its own heat on the process. Mr. postman will be at a loss.

Look here. It's fun.


Little Miss Tiara said...

wow! just looking around and stumbled upon your interesting blog ;) that pen is interesting, too! haha, my first time reading about such a thing. That seems pretty useful ;)

btw, do you mind if I add your blog onto my blogroll list? maybe we can do links exchange too and be friends ;) I lovelovelove new friends

Little Miss Tiara said...


photojoy said...

Thank you for leaving your comments. It's so exciting to know that you've found my blog interesting. I'd be happy to be friends with a very cute, young and sophisticated girl from abroad.

Little Miss Tiara said...

aww... cute, young and sophisticated girl. lol x) you've got me flattered... hahah... those words aren't ususally used to describe me, lol. so now I have one more new friend, yay!

Rad Sujanto said...

Yes, but don't forget to use the pen when you have an exam too ;) not saying to use it on the exam paper to write answers but on the 'from-home' one, if you know what I mean =D

anyway, hi Tiara! meet u here lol