Saturday, March 05, 2005

My recent Favorite

This is what I love to use these days. MY husband brought it home one day. Its arm shapes an interesting curve so that I can pinpont at the right part of my back to be patted or massarged with this machine over my shoulder.
I'm not a maniac for collecting so called "health care products" but this might be really interesting to have one at every home. When you feel your neck, shoulders and back stiff and sore and need some massarge, this machine gives you a moment of relaxation. See, there are eight different ways of massarge on menu buttons. There are four variations of patting, two of vibrating, and two automatic modes on this massarger. A head of a massarger on a picture is like a man's fist. It give you comfortable strikes and vibrations on your shoulder and back. If you want somewhat moderate touch, you can replace a fist-like head to a palm-like head. Well, if you want much moderate touch, why don't you replace a machine to someone sitting next to you in the living room. That's the best.

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