Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Slide Show

This time I didn't carry my digital camera with me. It is not that I forgot to bring it with me but that I believed that I would not have been in a mood to take pictures.
Well, I really had no time to do some sightseeing except in the afternoon on the first day in Kyoto.
With a limited range of hours I've decided to visit one shrine called "KITANO TENMAN-GU " where a famous historical person named Michizane Sugawara was enshrined. He was well known as a educated man who was trusted by the then-Emperor. The shrine has many plum trees and that day they were in full bloom here and there in the shrine. After getting back to the Kyoto station by subway, I had some time to look around the station building. This huge building was completed in 1997 and it has many facilities like a department store, hotel, theater, game center, shopping mall, government offices, various restaurants and an observation deck on the 15th floor.
You would be very much surprised to see how this modern building has a nice contrast against the ancient images of Kyoto.
It was lucky for me to carry my cell phone with me.
Here is a series of pictures I took with my cell phone camera.

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