Saturday, April 13, 2013

So what happened next ?

So,  as I described in my previous post,  after struggling with picking tangerines in the trees,  there I had the most delightful part of making use of them. Cooking!

Summer tangerine peels from our garden!

I made them twice.  And I learned that I could never have exactly the same result each time.
I followed the same recipe and I believed I did just the same as last time.

I liked the first peels better than the second ones.  They were softer. What brought this result?
That's what the cooking is fun all about.


My husband usually doesn't have anything sweets but surprisingly enough he likes its unique bitterness. He says it goes great with a glass of Scotch.
Very good for him.

Since I have still plenty of tangerines,  I'll try out for the third and maybe the fourth and until I feel I enjoy pretty much the seasonal blessing.

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The Chair Speaks said...

Your homemade tangerine peels look very delicious!