Saturday, April 06, 2013

Blessings of Nature

Every year the tangerine trees in our garden grow many fruits and it's my job to pick them up.
There are plenty to take and plenty to share with my neighbors as well.

There are still lots in the trees.
I know there are plenty, but once I start picking them, it is so fun that I can hardly stop to rest.

I feel I can pick them all to the very last one.  
Not that I am greedy!
It's because I feel grateful for the blessings of nature.

But I always leave some for little birds which come over to enjoy the meal.

With my additional effort, these fruits will make good juice, jelly and marmalade. Hopefully soon.

It is my annual event.
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tiara said...

they look so good and tempting and fresh!!! ^O^ waahhh... really, I wish I could fly there and eat them with you in spring weather under the cherry blossom tree... sounds nice, isn't it?

Mekkan said...

Thanks Tiara. Why not. You will visit me in Japan some day for sure, won't you?