Thursday, August 18, 2011

one of my favorite time

(Click for larger images)

I'm not a crafty person but sometimes I do love working on a so called "eco craft bag." Isn't it something that I can make "the only one in the world?"

In fact I had made these before but since then I didn't have enough time to put myself into it. But then again, I had another chance to learn this from the same friend that showed me how at the very beginning.

It was really fun especially when a teacher and her three students were all close friends. What a busy class with handcrafting and chatting! Sometimes we need this. You'll feel accomplished in the end----- in many ways!!!

See also here and here for the previous works.


Janine said...

i have one myself ☺ so loving this blog, the photos are looking so nice, have a grreat rest wek, greetings from janine

Mekkan said...

Dear Janine, thanks for dropping by. Yes, we enjoyed swapping! I'm always thinking of you whenever I see your boxes and pretty doll in our living room. I'll try to blog more often now. Keep in touch! I miss my blog friends here.

orchid said...

Hello, my teacher!!!
Oh, "eco craft bag." how convenient or wonderful idea. My husband aunt makes paper trash bags from newspaper flyers, speaking in a sense of ECO.
Well, they are SO LOVELY and I wish to buy them for my my use♡♡♡
So sorry for my belated comment.

Lots of love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

Anya said...

It looks so lovely
you are very creative :-)

Nice to see you back again !!!
I was and i am blog lazy

But i try to come back

((hugs from us all )

Au and Target said...

Oh gosh I remember these from when I was tiny and living in Amsterdam. How sweet!