Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stereotyped or not?

Here are dozens of sliced rolled sushi called "makizushi" in Japanese. You may be quite familiar with sushi with a sliced piece of raw fish sitting on a top of a small piece of vinegar sensed rice as one of the typical Japanese cuisine.
Next to those sushi, this rolled sushi is very popular too. In my childhood, my mother used to make these for lunch box for a school one day trip or school sports day. So do I. It's one of typical cuisine every mother does here. This is a very popular lunch when you have some festive occasions besides school events such as family picnic at a zoo, at a park and at a cherry blossoms viewing in spring.

These rolled sushi in the pictures above were all made by a friend's husband, which is a kind of surprising for us her female friends. Aren't they nice and in fact they were SO good. This is something beyond my imagination that my husband would ever make it. Traditionally speaking, men were considered not to step into their house kitchen where women worked. We set a clear definition in terms of a man's roles and a woman's roles in a house. Along with the changes of our life style, it's not all true anymore. I see many couple especially young ones cook together or taking turns. It depends on each couple and family to share cooking, I presume. A stereo type of a man/husband is changing in many aspects.

Talking of rolled sushi then, there are two videos introducing how to make a roll sushi and an arranged one called "decoration sushi" or "art roll sushi." Be sure that both come along with music.

Enjoy the second video on how to make a carnation shushi roll.


The Chair Speaks said...

It's great to see you back again.
Thank you for sharing the videos on how to make sushi. I've never tasted one as I'm vegetarian. Hope I can make my own now. :)

Au and Target said...

Yum! These are some of my favourite snacks. I bet Japanese men would cook if they had to - or if someone paid them. Men are like that the world over. They're too lazy to do housework because they think they're superior.

orchid said...

Oh, how amazing, beautiful and look so delicious♬♬♬
My husband is also really typical Japanese man and never cooked or did dishes p;) Well, Soba is exception, though.
Looking forward to your new post♡♡♡

Love, Orchid.

Mekkan said...

Thank you for all your comments. Maybe I'll come back later. I'll get my beauty sleep now. Oh, it may be too late to do so.

Dionne said...

I love sushi. My mother-in-law makes it sometimes when we go visit. I LOVE it!