Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Errrr, this is not a joke !

Well, I don't have any excuse to make.
I would have been too busy to make any baskets. Look, I did it again !

I'm addicted to making baskets and I'm feeling sick now because I don't have enough eco tapes to complete one anymore. It's not enough. I have to wait until I get new rolls of tapes.

I should discipline myself to put me away from eco crafts. I should get my work started.
My, my, it's already Wednesday here.

So here is a picture!
The front one is the newest.
Thank you for sharing an excitement with me.

Here is one more picture on the process.
(click for a larger image)


The Chair Speaks said...

These baskets are absolutely lovely and cute!

Mekkan said...

Thank you. I'm now really enjoying it. Maybe I'd like to try for a different pattern. Of course not now.

Janine said...

they look great, and I noe that they are so nice, because i have one off yours, ☺ great pictures dear Mekkan

Au and Target said...

They're lovely. Maybe you could start a business!

Anya said...

Love your baskets
I didn't know that you was so creative :-)
Perfect work !!!!

Hugs from us all ....