Monday, January 31, 2011

Um, it's about snow again

It's really a bad joke that almost every Monday in this January, we have snow. What a nice start to a day. Today is not an exception. When I went outside to see the road condition, it was just a slight snowfall and yet the roads were icy and slippery. Two of our cars looked pretty wearing powder snow so I added some finger touches to look much prettier though mine was just OK in the garage.

Our area is not basically snowy so I don't get used to driving in this weather. Hope it won't snow all day.


Au and Target said...

Oh so cold! Do be careful on the roads. And how's your garden?

Emilie Delance said...

We had sooo much snow in Denmark, but now it's just cold ^_^

Anya said...

Be careful
I hate it also to drive in the snow!!

photojoy said...

Au and Target: Our garden looks much prettier in heavy snow covering all the weeds and fallen leaves but not with little snowfall. Sigh.

Emilie & Anya: I thought you two are use to driving in the snow. No???