Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Only one spcecial marmalade in the world

So as I worte before about Chinese citron fruits in my garden, the next job for me was to cook them into homemade marmalade. I've been doing this for years and years since I got married and moved to this house. It is nothing new to me all. However, after I went through all the steps to marmalade and taste it, it was not as good as usual. Where did I made a mistake? I did something wrong? I pictured all the steps I had followed and all of a sudden I realized that I failed to wash the sliced peels in the water more than twice so that scums are removed. I skipped this step only to mix the peels into sugar. That explained it. No wonder it tasts a bit bitter. Well then since I didn't put any poison into the ingredients, just a taste of bitterness won't do any harm on you. In fact my family like it. After all it is the only one unique marmalade in the world.

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