Sunday, September 26, 2004

Non-stop day!

Oh, the day is finally over. It was really a busy day. When did I wake up this morning? Yes, it was 5:30. Since then I’ve been tied up with my schedule the whole day. Ah, it’s good that I’ve finally sit back on sofa watching TV over a cup of coffee. Today was really a non-stop day. Now I was so relieved that everything went well after all. When I met the heavy traffic jam on the way this morning, I felt so upset that I won’t make it on time for the appointment. I knew it was not safe to make a call with my cell phone but just in the middle of the traffic jam, there was no choice for me to take out my cell phone while driving and make a call to my party to let her know that I may not be on time. Well, it’s another Monday, the beginning of the new week. I’m afraid tomorrow will be just as busy as today. Let have my fingers crossed for a better day.

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