Sunday, September 12, 2004

I feel sick

Ugh, I have a headache this morning. It's pounding. I think I've caught a cold. Last night when I go to bed, I felt my throat scratchy. Now it hurts to swallow this morning. Let's take a look in the mirror. Wow, look, my throat is already all swollen and red. I should have taken some medicine last night. It's too late. I should have been more careful about my health. Just think where I got this virus? Yes, I'll bet I've got this at the office, since it has been going around these days. I wish I could take a day off today, but possibly I can't. Anyway take a breakfast, take some medicine and go to work. Ah, I have a good idea. I'll go to see the doctor first thing in the morning and then go to the office. That's the way I should. OK. And don't forget to call someone in the office that I'll be late for work.

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