Friday, September 10, 2004

Gee, I’m running out of time. Let’s drive fast, otherwise, I’ll be late for the appointment. Wow there’s so much traffic today. There are cars here and there everywhere. All right,let me cut in the next lane. Get the blinker on , please let me in. Good! I made it! That driver must be a nice man. I’m gonna flash the hazard lights at him. Thank you! Well, the traffic is getting smooth. Wow look at that convertible in front of me. The driver is really overspeeding. I’m pretty sure some day he will run into a serious trouble. Watch out! A kid on a bike is crossing the road just in fron of me. Boy, it’s dangerous. Can he even see me? Let my car slow down and let him cross the road. Look. I’m running out of gas. Better fill up on my way back. Good. Here I am. I am making good time despite the rush.

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