Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cupnoodles Museum

Over this weekend while we were visiting Yokohama, 
I went to Cupnoodles Museum and made my only one in the world package. 
It was really fun. 
You design a cup, select your favorite soup and toppings. 
At the end , you put it into an air cushioned bag to make a special souvenir.
Everything was so cool there.

More than anything else,  I learned about ANDO Momofuku(1910-2007), 
who invented Chiken Ramen , the world's first instant ramen 
and later made  Cup Noodles which are now popular in many countries of the world.
His enthusiasm for creativity was really amazing and inspiring to me.
I liked his philosophy for a creative thinking.

I'd like to note his six key ideas about his creative process.
These are true not only to any inventors 
but also true to any one who is anxious to make his/her dream come true.

Six key ideas
1)Discover something completely new
2)Find hints in all sorts of places      
3)Nurturing an idea                       
4)Look at things from every angle    
5)Don't just go with the status quo  
6)Never give up                           

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