Saturday, February 16, 2013

Steam Locomotive runs in the city

This morning I saw several helicopters hovering over the sky above the station area.
"What's going on?"  Noisy sound really bothered me. Then I noticed that today and tomorrow the city runs a steam locomotive C56-160 for the first time in 27 years as an trial event.
Nagoya City Mayor, Kawamura is aiming the operation of locomotive  in the city will bring about some good effects on the economy.  During the demonstration run for two days, they make some research  on  surrounding areas in terms of noises, shakes, smoke and soot.  If the results clear the regulation, we may add a new attraction spot in Nagoya.

 A C56-160 will run tomorrow three times. It's a 20-minute-ride to a terminal.  A total number of 1,200 seats for two days were booked by lot in advance.
Here some more information on schedule.(Japanese only)

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pictures from TV news program
By the way,  you may see some reflections in a picture.  
This is not a Psychic photograph , I'm afraid :<

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The Chair Speaks said...

Thank you for bringing back memories of steam locomotives which I enjoyed riding when I was a child. It ran on burning wood and charcoal.