Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What a nice way to celebrate the Coming of Age Day

Today we celebrated the national holiday, Coming-of-Age Day, on the second Monday of January. 
It seemed that the whole country was freezing today due to the powerful low pressure, which brought a huge snowfall throughout the country. Cars and trains in Tokyo were crippled, too.

1.22 millions of young adults of 20 years old were all blessed with this freezing weather. Many headed for each public celebration venue such as a city hall and a school gym. Girls were so excited because they wore a traditional kimono with long sleeves, an outstanding symbol of a unmarried young woman. Boys were happy with a traditional outfit or a brand new business suit. 
From today they have a right to vote, to drink  and to smoke not to mention they are required to follow the law to be a good citizen.

Well what are these young generation dreaming their future?

One research stated that 97% of them answered that they have an anticipation for the future. The present society is suffering from the poor economy. They know it's not a world of a life long employment anymore as like their parents were guaranteed. They are conscious about in which way the society is heading for.  Especially all after the mega disaster of 3.11.  

So they are not keen to success or ambition.  According to the research, 56 % of them are interested in getting a job which others show gratitude to them: a service industry for nursing elderly, a care taker for elderly and an environmental conservation business.

No matter what the reality is,  the young generation is trying to make their future, too.  On their own ways.

(all the images are from the web news)


tiara purnomo said...

I remember wanting to be 20 when I first wrote my blog, now I am 23 (almost 24 next march) and am terrified of what I've done and achieved... >____< what if I haven't done enough? Why is time moving so fast? What if I wasted too much of my time doing useless thing?

Clearly, entering the 20s brought something different to me, I guess it's what we used to call responsibility, of ourself and our actions since we are our own people with our own rights, which means, we decide whatever we want to do ourselves...

oh dear, that was an exciting tradition, isn't it? I'd be more than glad too to wear a pretty kimono haha

Mekkan said...

Tiara, you've been doing just great for these years! Yah,you should visit Japan for snow. In Kyoto, you can also try on kimono and take some pictures. Come on!

Jem T said...

love the snow there, looks beautiful and cold lol