Saturday, December 08, 2012

Discussion with Guest-speakers

Well, I wrote this post halfway last month.
My days were quite hectic with different activities.
One of these I write here is actually dated back in Nov.  So what? 
Will you forget about a time gap in a story?
I just begin from where I stopped last time.


At last my busy week was over. I almost forgot this is the last day of the week, Saturday!

Today I went to the study meeting for volunteer interpreters. Actually we had a special event called the International Exchange Meeting.  We invited two guest-speakers who talked about what they wanted us Japanese to learn about their countries.
A German lady guest talked about production and handling of garbage and cash/cashless payments.  A woman from China talked about one child policy and dangerous food.
Then we had a very good discussion pointing out some crucial aspects to understand the situation and compare with the situation in Japan. The main purpose of this meeting was the active participation of everyone in the discussion.  By asking and answering questions from each stance of three different countries, it was really an enlightening discussion that we enjoyed after all.

Well maybe I'd better update my blog about the discussion today some time soon-----hopefully. It was indeed good to learn something new from someone in a different country.

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The Chair Speaks said...

It's good to share and exchange ideas from different countries.
Not to worry, my friend, our human have written so many about us, cats, travel many years ago and is now slowly posting it in the blog. Purrs!