Thursday, November 29, 2012

Autumn leaves are at their best

We believe that this year's autumn colors are most vivid that we have seen for years.
Even in Nagoya Castle site which is located right in the center of the city, all the colors of the trees are just stunning. So vivid and colorful enough that they never fail to give us a great admiration to the nature.

It is often pointed out that Japanese autumn leaves are very colorful from green, golden-yellow, orange, brown and red of all brightness.
If you see a picture of Japanese mountains in autumn, it is like a mosaic of different colors.   They say that varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees living together make this colorful foliage possible in Japan.  What a wonderful art work of the nature. 
Now the leaves are at their best colors for some more weeks and soon the grounds will be covered with fallen leaves.


The Chair Speaks said...

These shots are lovely, perfect for postcards!

Mekkan said...

The Chair Speaks, I'm glad you like the pictures. I took them with my iPhone camera. Then it uploads the pictures instantly on my laptop as well. Amazing and fun.

Jem said...

beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.