Wednesday, March 09, 2011

When you feel weary

It was a busy day! I don't like Tuesday next to Monday. For one thing, my brain doesn't switch to a working mode and for another the schedule is often tight at the beginning of the week.

Yesterday I had the two meetings to attend and I feel quite exhausted when I got free from them. Whew, the last one was quite tough. Usually after the meeting, I had a chat with my friends but yesterday I just had too much for the day. I'd rather be alone. I got down to the first floor and went outside to walk across the park to get to the subway entrance. When I hurried across the park, I heard the water murmuring. Such a comfortable sound of water. I looked for the sound, where I found the waterfall in the corner of the pond.

I felt comfortable just listening to the sound of water and gazed for a while at many small streams running down the rocks and pouring into to the pond. That played nice music consisted with several different codes. I felt my heart entwined with stress gradually being released. Natural power!
What was your unforgettable view that rested your weary heart?


Au and Target said...

I hope you're OK and missed the earthquake? Lovely pictures.

Anya said...

Wonderful waterfall :-)

Are you OK
I had read in our newspaper from the eathquake in Japan :(

Mekkan said...

Wow, you both are so quick to get the news! In fact I learned of earthquake from a Noon news program on TV! Thanks for your concern. It was way up in northern part of Japan and I didn't feel any jerk here. Darn earthquake! We can't get rid of it. Hope it didn't bring much damage up there.

Janine said...

Hi Mekkan,you wrote a nice story about this feeling after your work. i too can relaxe at such place, I have a big point in my garden and when I'm sitting there I relaxe completly. ☺ And I'm glad to read that your place was not damaged from the earthquake. I hope there are no people hurt. best wishes from me, Janine

orchid said...

I love the sound of water as well.
We have a nice fall in my pre. to soothe the weary feeling. But a bit far for the frequent visit.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

When I was in Tokyo recently, I felt a small jolt from the earth! Earthquake country indeed~
Love the calming sound water, I have a small water fountain in the office, helps to calm me down~

Labour of Love said...

so serene + peaceful...a beautiful waterfall indeed...wishing to hear the calming sounds of Spring's raining here in the Windy City but hearing the birds chirping brings hope that Spring is near...thank you for sharing such beautiful inspirations for the middle of the week...xo jo;)

Dionne said...

I love the sound of water. It's so peaceful and natural, and back-to-basics. When everything else seems to chaotic and cluttered, water is so refreshing, simple and natural.